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BLU3 provides a unique experience: Diving without all the heavy gear or extensive training.

These mini dive units provide surface supplied air through an on demand regulator system. Cruise in the currents up to 10 feet deep - with absolutely no breath hold involved. 

This is an amazing introduction to breathing underwater.


After some paperwork & class online, you’ll meet with our crew. They’ll get you dialed and make sure you are clear on all the safety precautions before getting geared up & hitting the water with you! You will be exploring with a certified Divemaster - so just remember this is shallow for them - you are in great hands for what could be your first time breathing underwater! It’s easy, it’s fun & we bet you’ll want to learn to dive after. 

BLU3 diving can be booked as the main attraction or added to boat charters & waterfall tours - Just Reach out! We’ll plan your perfect day.

We are also a BLU3 dive systems dealer, so if you want your own unit - We can hook you up after the tour - We'll even credit some $ from the tour towards the purchase.


Although BLU3 diving is an extremely accessible to most people, due to some inherent risk please check out their medical form on the links below! 

There are a few physical restrictions that could keep you from diving without the OK from a doc.

You have to be 10 years old to dive on a BLU3 - but, if there are members of your group that need to stick to snorkeling we can totally arrange to have the whole gang go to the same spot! Easy peezy. 

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