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Enjoy private instruction tailored to suite your needs.

The industry has done an amazing job of making diving an accessible sport and we are here for it - But, after years of experience working for larger dive shops; We have chosen to create the space for smaller classes and more intentional training.

As PADI a professionals; We teach to the standard of the largest dive organization in the world … and then some.

We pride ourselves in:

*Offering courses that build well trained, safe, self reliant divers 

*Creating a positive learning environment for all ages

*Supporting people that may have hesitation or anxiety around the water

*Offering adaptive instruction & inclusive courses 


Underwater Photographer in School of Fish


Interested in diving but not ready to commit to the class? This ones for you. 

Step into a whole new world & experience the feeling of being weightless.


After an intro to safety standards and the gear - you will learn the 3 basic skills necessary to try diving under the close supervision of a dive professional.  Once you have proven you are capable of completing those 3 skills you will head off on your guided dive and see what there is to see - which varies depending on location.


This is in no way a certification & does not count towards a certification class. It’s purely to experience the magic of diving and introduce you to the possibility of a new passion. 


Be warned - Diving is extremely addictive. 

But , you’re in luck. If you do a Discover SCUBA with us and decide to sign up for your certification , we credit $50 towards your class. 


Pricing Includes Gear and Day Pass to Training Facility 

Single person - $200

Group of 2 - $380

Group of 3 - $525

Any groups over 3 will be split into 2 dives or require a 2nd instructor -

$175 per person

Age of children also determine group size.

Participants must be 10 years old or older… there is no maximum age - as long as you can clear the diving medical form - you are able to try diving.


There is a reason you have been thinking about it. The water has been calling you for more than just a swim. 

If you have been snorkeling - then you *kinda* get it. It’s a completely different world down there. 

But, here’s the thing with diving… instead of being an outsider, looking from the surface, or diving down with the constant reminder ringing in the back of your head that you NEED air at some point. You have it. And you are able to completely immerse yourself in the world that most people only get glimpses of. 


It’s equally thrilling as it is relaxing. There is no feeling comparable to being weightless in the water. Be prepared to fall in love… After we get you through skills of course ;)

PADI is the largest dive certifying agency in the world. Your certification will be respected worldwide and lasts a lifetime - But we do recommend you take a refresher course if you take some time out of the water.


***Every certification you see listed here has a PADI Elearning course you will complete online before getting in the water. Contact us to get started on your Elearning & we will get you going from there! Your “Elearning deposit” goes straight to PADI. Keep in mind that completed Elearning can be taken to any PADI dive shop for your in water training so it can be flexible… But, we hope you do it with us! 



This is your introduction to the world of diving. In this course you will learn A LOT. About diving … and often yourself. Most people get more out of dive training with us than they bargained for;  As there is a cultivation of trust in oneself, as well as your dive buddy. We will build a relationship with potential fears & discomfort as we move through skills … While simultaneously learning that you have a new favorite hobby. You’re welcome. 


In this course you will become acquainted with:

  • the physics of diving

  • standard SCUBA gear

  • the basic do’s & do nots

  • ~ 50 skills that will make diving fun (and keep you / your buddy as safe as possible)


Come prepared to learn, have fun, ask questions, make mistakes & laugh at them. 


After completing this course you will be able to go on dives, with a certified buddy or dive guide, anywhere in the world, within your training limitations, to a maximum depth of 60ft or 18m.

(Ages 10-12 are limited to 40ft or 12m - Anyone under 15 receives a JR Open water cert and can immediately apply for their full Open water upon turning 15)


You will also be able to:

  • Obtain air fills.

  • Rent dive equipment.

  • Book boat dives.

  • Take additional classes, such as underwater photography and videography.

  • Progress to the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver level.

  • Create epic memories with all of your new dive friends.


***If you are for some reason unable to complete an Open Water course, due to time and or being incapable to complete some skills… There is an intermediate cert to dive with PADI professionals only. So, you have options. 

Wreck in the Sea


Take your diving to the next level. 

(You must complete you Open Water Certification to move on to this course)

The AOW course is all about advancing your skills. In open water you learned the basics. Despite having been to 60ft , you have really only just stuck your toe in to the realm of diving. Your AOW is less book work & more diving. You will build confidence and probably have the AH - HA moment of feeling comfortable and calm underwater (if you haven’t already) Hone your buoyancy & navigation skills, try deep diving and make three specialty dives of your choosing (it's like a sampler platter).

Here are a few of the many options: Deep, Digital Underwater Photography, Dive Against Debris, Dry Suit, Enriched Air Nitrox, Fish Identification, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigation, and Wreck Diver.


After this course you will be certified to dive to

100ft or 30m 


Course can include a day on the boat on Lake Jocassee!


During your advanced you learned how to be self reliant and self aware while diving. In this course you step into the role of being aware of others. You will acquire skills to mitigate risks & respond to mistakes and accidents. This course involves a lot of simulations and a long list of “IF THIS - THEN THAT” response work. You will also receive an Emergency First Responder (EFR) certification.


This is one of our favorite courses to teach … It’s challenging and it creates extremely aware divers that are capable of responding to stressful & even life threatening situations. 


On a more serious note - this is a tough class - you need to be ready both physically and mentally to move through simulated high stress situations - some involving people pretending to be unconscious in the water. Please call us with any questions. 

Silhouette of Scuba Divers
scuba diving specialty dive training


We offer a variety of PADI specialties making it possible to for you to gain experience in different realms of the diving world and find your niche. With courses focused on  Deep, Wreck, and Night Diving as well as Underwater Naturalist, Photography, Fish ID, and more - You are bound to find something to be excited about!

Dark Ocean


 Your divemaster is the first level regarded as a "dive professional". You will learn to manage divers - on the surface and under the water - as well as the deck of a dive boat.

After completing you Divemaster you will be able to guide certified divers, assist instructors, and even teach Discovery SCUBA classes with a few extra steps in training. 

You will also receive your Emergency First Response Instructor License. 


Divemaster training creates a career pathway in a field that will keep you far away from a desk job and allow you to travel the world. You must be 18+ to take this course.


The cost of our Divemaster programs vary immensely - We offer working internships and scholarship programs to the right candidates. Call or text for more info. 

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